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Auto Parts Warranty


At Pete’s Auto Parts, your peace of mind is our priority when it comes to purchasing, installing, and driving around on recycled original equipment (ROE) auto parts. That’s why each part you buy from Pete’s Auto Parts is backed by a 90-day guarantee, with the option to extend coverage affordably. Choose a one-year used auto parts warranty for just 10% of the part price, or opt for three years of coverage at 25%. Plus, customize your protection with additional labor coverage based on your needs. Labor coverage is sold at 20% of the payout, so if you need $500 in labor you pay $100 for the coverage. 

Whether you’re purchasing new OEM, aftermarket, remanufactured, or recycled parts, certain installation requirements ensure optimal function. These may include installing a new filter in most transmissions, replacing engine gaskets, and using the correct fluid for the axle as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Our straightforward warranty policy simplifies the process—properly install your part within 30 days of purchase and retain any installation receipts for hassle-free coverage! We encourage you to review the policy, printed on the back of every invoice and accessible below.

Standard Warranty

There is no extra charge, all our parts come with a standard 90-day part replacement warranty — the usual industry standard warranty is just 30 days, so you get three times that coverage free of charge at Pete’s Auto Parts. Our award-winning quality is what makes us confident to offer longer warranties.

Please be aware we do expect you to install each part you purchase within 30 days of the date on the invoice! 

Extended Warranty

We offer extended limited 1-year and 3-year warranties on parts with 200,000 miles or less, for a reasonable percentage of the part price, 10% for one year and 25% for three years. Labor warranty protection is available on our standard or extended warranties, for 20% of the payout. For example $1,000 payout = $200 warranty. Part warranties and labor coverage at Pete’s Auto Parts are totally transferable. If you sell your car, the part remains covered for the new owner.

Labor PRotection

Labor coverage can be added to our standard 90-day warranty or to an extended 1-year and 3-year warranty on all our engines, transmissions, or any mechanical or electrical part with 200,000 miles or less. We charge 20% of the payout for labor coverage. Simply take the expense to install the part, divide it by 5, and you have the cost to add labor coverage that will cover the installation in the event the part should fail. $100 in coverage = $500 payout, for example.

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At Pete’s Auto Parts, we stand behind the quality of our used batteries. We warranty every battery for life, so you can always exchange the battery you bought for a fresh one, when you need to. The batteries we sell were removed from insurance company total loss vehicles, trickle charged, rested & tested, then stocked. We provide a battery charger so you can test your battery before purchase. We do not keep an inventory of what batteries are available, you have to come down and see us at 2544 Port Sheldon St, Jenison MI 49428, Monday through Friday, between 9am and 4pm to pick out a used battery. We do get many more top posts than side posts, but we get batteries of all sizes in from the vehicles we purchase.

 Lifetime Warranty: All battery purchases come with a lifetime warranty. To qualify, customers need to present an original paid receipt and the original battery with markings.

Replacement Procedure: bring the battery back to our location: 2544 Port Sheldon St, Jenison, MI 49428 Monday through Friday 9am-4pm and exchange the original battery for a comparable one. If a replacement battery is unavailable, we may refund the original purchase price.

Exclusions: Pete’s Auto Parts does not cover installation or removal costs, towing charges, rental vehicle expenses, lay-up time, or damages, no consequential or incidental damages are covered. Read the full policy for the complete terms! 

 At Pete’s Auto Parts, your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. This warranty is also completely transferrable, so if you sell your car and you give the new owner the receipt, we will honor the warranty on the battery no matter who presents the part for exchange. Our Lifetime Warranty is very popular and saves significant money for our customers. Thank you for choosing us for your recycled original equipment needs!


At Pete’s Auto Parts, we stand behind the quality of our sheet metal products with the best guarantee in the industry. Our commitment extends to all body and sheet metal components, assuring protection against perforation caused by corrosion under normal usage conditions. We proudly offer a lifetime warranty, ensuring that our parts remain free from rust-through—a guarantee that never expires, even if the vehicle changes ownership.

This comprehensive warranty encompasses various sheet metal components, including doors, hoods, fenders, lids/gates, bed boxes, and all custom-cut sheet metal pieces like quarter panels and metal bumpers. In the unlikely event of a claim, we’re dedicated to providing a replacement part of comparable or superior quality to the original. Alternatively, if a suitable replacement is unavailable, we offer reimbursement for the fair cost of repair or replacement, at our discretion.

 Please be aware that our warranty specifically covers perforation due to corrosion from the interior to the outer body surface. It excludes surface corrosion and deliberate damage to the part, such as intentional perforation. At Pete’s Auto Parts, your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and our lifetime warranty underscores our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. To make a warranty claim, simply text a picture of your original invoice, VIN and images of the part including the perforation to 616-669-6592 or email that same information to your salesperson. Must have original invoice or invoice number to make a claim.

Warranty FAQ's

We sell extended warranties on parts with 200,000 miles or less. Any part that can fail can be warrantied, so all electrical and mechanical parts are eligible. Engines, transmissions, and axles are our most popular warrantied parts, but we also warranty alternators, starters, AC compressors, electric door mirrors, engine control modules, radios, speedometers, seats with electric motors, etc.

Before you install the used part from Pete’s, make sure you read the warranty policy and follow all manufacturer installation and maintenance instructions.

Here is a partial list:

• Search for, read, and complete/utilitze any applicable service bulletins on the vehicle relating to the part or general health of the vehicle. 

• Cooling systems must have proper capacity and must be flushed and filled with new fluid upon installation; 

• Engines must have new oil and filter installed upon installation thereafter according to manufacturer specs; 

• Transmissions must have new seals, filters, gaskets, and proper type & amount of fluids upon installation; 

• Front/Rear axles and carrier must have new fluid and gaskets upon installation; 

• Proper fluid levels must be maintained at all times after installation; You will need proper diagnostics equipment – we will ask for the codes the part is throwing, and we cannot honor the warranty if you do not have the proper equipment to evaluate the part! Also, SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS! If a transmission fails, we may ask you to provide the receipt showing that you did indeed purchase and install new filter, fluids, and seals, etc. 

Call or text your salesperson immediately! We cannot stress this enough, call us if you are having problems with the part (we may be able to help, and all correspondence is logged in our computer system to make warranty claims faster and easier.) Call us if there is a part failure; have the VIN and codes ready. Our salespeople will: 

  1. Research known issues on Identifix by VIN, there may be a fix that can repair the part. 

  2. If the part is not repairable, they will search for a replacement part and arrange for the pickup, delivery or shipment of the replacement, keeping you posted on the timeframe. 

  3. If no part is available, (this is VERY rare) they will turn the claim over to the sales manager for a refund. 

  4. If labor protection was purchased, a labor claim will be submitted once the original part is credited at Pete’s Auto Parts, and a labor warranty claim check will be mailed within 3 business days. 

When you buy a labor warranty, you set the amount of labor coverage. Our labor coverage is always 5 times the amount paid, so $100 buys $500 in labor coverage. Another way to look at it is the labor costs 20% of payout. 

Our policy is to mail the check within 3 business days of the original part being returned to Pete’s Auto Parts, but often it’s the same day the claim is approved. Keep in mind if you have a charge account with us, the parts must be paid for before we mail any labor checks. 

What about 5 days? 15 days? The warranty period starts from the invoice date: 90 days standard, 365 days for a Gold warranty and 1095 days for a Platinum warranty. The warranty period is the warranty period. Period. 

Whoever we sell the warranty has the right to be paid for the warranty. If you want the customer to bring the car back to you, we will write the warranty payout to you, our contract is with you. If you would rather, you may give us verbal permission on our recorded phone lines or written permission, we are happy to cut the check to another shop, car dealership or individual. 

You can buy a warranty up to the point when the delivery driver is at your doorstep. Once you accept delivery, you cannot add a warranty. Similarly, you cannot have a warranty refunded after you accept delivery (or pick up.) The part must be in our possession to add the warranty.

The long block only. Accessory parts are sometimes left attached for your convenience but are not warrantied. An example of an accessory part we expect you to replace and is not covered under the warranty is the water pump.

“Fantastic service with Pete’s. Every single time I need a part, Dan at Pete’s offers outstanding service and delivers a great product. Their prices can’t be beat, too! If you want to support a local business and save some coin, Pete’s is the way to go. Highly recommended!”
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