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My name is Amber, and I own Pete’s Auto Parts. I plan to tell you that story another day, but for this first post, please allow me to introduce my awesome company:

Pete’s Auto Parts sells auto parts and warranties to meet our customer’s needs, but it’s bigger than that. It’s not just about alternators and engines! We sell quality used parts to keep plastic out of landfills and to reuse good parts instead of making new ones. In the first half of 2017 we sold 29,173 parts! All those parts could have ended up as scrap or trash, but instead, we sold them and helped people continue to drive their cars.

Here at Pete’s Auto Parts we have 35 hardworking people on staff, and each of them and their families depend on us to keep selling parts so they can buy a house, send a kid to college, pay off a credit card, or take their significant other out to dinner. Used auto parts help these people reach their goals and live better lives. Pete’s pays for health insurance (although each employee is responsible for their deductible and for additional family members) so we sell parts so that our team can have access to quality medical care. We sell parts to put money into our communities and to contribute to local charities. We’re so blessed to be able to support many causes our staff care about, and focus our donations towards the charities our team have a personal interest in.

We also sell parts to build relationships. Or maybe we build relationships and then the parts sales just come naturally? You never know who your next big customer will be, or how that supplier will help you in the future. What we are sure of are these three major values we live by:

Integrity: be honest, be up front, be kind, and be fair.

Positivity: positive thoughts, words, and actions equal positive results.

The Golden Rule: treat your customers, your coworkers, and your vendors as you wish to be treated.

At Pete’s Auto Parts, every part sold is important to our staff and their families. We want to do good in this world, and we’re going to sell auto parts to do that! This is the mission behind our used auto parts. What is your mission? Are you, too, doing good in the world through your industry? We’d love to hear from you!