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Pete’s Auto Parts, a quality-driven auto salvage yard, employs 29 hardworking people in West Michigan and 1 nut in North Carolina! For real though, Dan remotes in from 600+ miles south of us, we miss him but it works.

We purchase insurance company total loss vehicles, evaluate them thoroughly, evacuate all fluids, remove and sell all the good parts we can, and recycle the rest! 

Many people find our site by searching for a junkyard. We sell vehicle parts from cars that were in an unfortunate accident, but we don’t consider ourselves a junk yard because we do not sell junk!  We have trained professionals evaluating vehicles and parts, removing and inspecting parts, and packaging them or delivering them with great care and attention.

We operate by the golden rule, and our awesome team of people is ready to help you find the part(s) you need today! 

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Our History

The Deep Roots Of How We Got Here.

Back in the early 1950’s, Pete Elenbaas was struggling to make ends meet as a farmer, so he started towing vehicles on the side to supplement his income. The towing jobs were plentiful, but the abandoned vehicles were edging out a plot of beans! Pete registered with the state of Michigan in 1956 and started selling parts off of the vehicles he had accumulated in his little bean plot tow lot. Pete loved the salvage business and the towing business, and shared that love with his son Ron.

Ron Elenbaas came of age pulling people’s cars out of ditches, working in the family business of towing and auto parts. But his heart was always really in the auto parts. After purchasing the company from his dad, Ron closed down the towing operation to focus on recycled auto parts. He invested in the latest technology and grew the business by purchasing low-mileage vehicles and getting involved in the state and national trade associations, evolving the business and expanding to new markets. 

Pete and Ron passed on their love of the automotive industry to their children and grandchildren. Amber (Elenbaas) Kendrick purchased Pete’s Auto Parts in 2016 and has been enjoying growing the business her grandfather and father built. Pete’s Auto Parts is proud to be a 3rd generation small business. 

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