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We supply recycled original equipment that the manufacturer designed and produced. Delivering top quality used axles to Michigan and Northern Indiana since 1956.

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find the right Part. fast.

find the right Part. fast.

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Proudly Providing Used Axles To Michigan Customers, Shops, & Dealerships Since 1956

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Friendly Experts To Help Find Your Used Axles

Pete’s Auto Parts employs five knowledgeable salespeople who will help find your used axles fast and answer any questions you have. We have a friendly customer pickup staff ready to help you find a tire or battery, as well as an awesome team of drivers to bring parts to businesses in our delivery zone. Whenever we can, we will offer you the choice between lowest mileage axle and the most affordable, giving you options for what works best for your unique situation. We care about finding the best used axles for you and getting you back on the road! Whether you need a foreign axle or domestic used axles, whether your car is brand new or you’ve been driving it for two decades, the experts at Pete’s Auto Parts are ready to find you the drivetrain you need! 


Quality Checked & Backed By Warranty

Each and every front or rear axle we sell is power-washed, the pan is removed and the fluid is drained, we inspect all the gears and teeth, and if it’s being shipped it’s done so safely on a pallet made for axles. An axle you purchase from Pete’s Auto Parts is backed by our 90-day part-only warranty, unless you purchase a 1-year or 3-year extended warranty. We offer labor protection on all axles with 200,000 miles or less! Our quality assurance process and warranty guarantee high-quality parts and also build confidence among consumers, mechanical repairers, collision centers, and estimators. Our efficient process for disassembly, inspection, cataloging, and warehousing ensures each axle is optimally stored and maintained for peak performance.

find the right Part. fast.

Should I Buy Used Axles For My Vehicle?

As a trusted supplier of ROE recycled original equipment, Pete’s Auto Parts inspects and sells over 1,000 used axles each year, so we know a few things about what to look for in an axle and we are happy to share them with you! 

The main considerations are mileage, location, and completeness. In terms of mileage, less is more! The lower mileage used axles will have less use, less wear and tear. We work hard to find you low mileage axles that last a long time. 

In terms of location, geographically speaking, where the donor vehicle lived it’s life, where it drove around, matters. The used axles from vehicles here in Michigan where we battle frigid winters and our roads are spayed with salt, well those axles are going to have more surface corrosion. On the one hand, the exterior rust on an axle should not affect the performance. On another, no mechanic likes to deal with frozen rusty bolts. At Pete’s Auto Parts, we offer a range of axle assemblies from states like Texas where rust is much less prevalent and the used axles look nearly-new! 

Completeness, well we sell axle assemblies and when we do we inspect the following components: 

Wheel mounting surfaces and hardware
Hubs, locking hubs, unit bearings
Axle housing
Steering linkage mounts and/or steering arm(s)
Ball Joints or kingpins
Axle shafts and U-joints
Ring and pinion
Locker, limited slip, differential

We open up the axle and inspect all the gears and teeth. We also verify the ratio. 

To make sure the axle you purchase will be durable and reliable, purchase used axles from certified and reputable auto parts recyclers like Pete’s Auto Parts and choose extended part and labor warranty protection. We perform extensive inspections and follow quality assurance standards. Additionally, opting for axles that come with a warranty can provide added peace of mind. With a part-only warranty, Pete’s Auto Parts will repair or replace a part with a problem under warranty, but will not pay labor. That works great for a lot of DIY mechanics. But many of our shop customers choose to add labor protection! 

The great thing about our ROE parts are that they were made by the original manufacturer of your vehicle! Imagine two cars are sold, identical in every way. One is driven 5,000 miles a year, and in 10 years, is in a fender bender that dents in the quarter panel, so the insurance company totals the car and it’s purchased by Pete’s Auto Parts, where we dismantle the vehicle, inspect and and stock the axle in a rack, ready to sell.  Imagine the other identical vehicle is yours, and you have been driving 12,000 miles a year for the last 10 years. Your vehicle, with 120,000 miles on it, has lots of life left, but needs an axle. Why pay sometimes twice as much for a new part, when you can purchase the recycled axle from a vehicle with 50,000 miles which is not only better for the environment, the warranty is often BETTER! 

When you install a new or remanufactured axle and there is a problem or a failure, typically the ()re)manufacturer will pay book hours at some low rate, such as $50 per hour. With the Pete’s Auto Parts custom labor protection, you choose exactly how much labor coverage you want, how much it costs to do the job right. Or if you are a DIY-er, you can choose to save and stick with a basic parts-only warranty. 

Used axles can be just as good as new ones if they are properly inspected, maintained, and come from a reliable source. They should meet safety and performance standards. Buying from a certified recycler ensures you receive a part that is functional and safe, often at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

At Pete’s Auto Parts, used axles come with a standard 90-day warranty, with options for extending that to a 1-year or 3-year warranty. This is not a junkyard, we have a quality assurance program and we stand behind our product. No matter where you decide to buy used axles, ask about the warranty policy before purchasing to understand the coverage and duration. You can read more in our Warranty Section.

Pete’s Auto Parts has a huge, even extensive inventory of used axles that caters to various car and truck models and makes. We have foreign & domestic, new and old vehicles. But even if we do not have your vehicle, we have a nationwide network of the very best automotive recyclers we’re connected to through our exclusive trucking system. Which means we can ship an axle here from Texas in two days! 

We can help – grab your VIN and call or text us today so we can find the right low mileage axle for you today! 

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