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Pete’s Auto Parts in Michigan is committed to excellence and is always looking for motivated individuals to help us grow and grow with us. Our mission is to cultivate financial stability and sustainability for both our company and each member of our team. We achieve this by consistently delivering top-quality auto parts as promised and on time, ensuring our customers can rely on us as their trusted partner for recycled original equipment.

Through fostering mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, coworkers, and vendors, we strive to create an environment of success. We understand that our success is intricately linked to the success of those we work with, and we are committed to supporting each other in achieving our goals.

At Pete’s Auto Parts, we are dedicated to helping individuals turn jobs into fulfilling careers, and careers into a comfortable retirement. By providing opportunities for growth, development, and advancement within our organization, we empower our employees to reach their full potential and build a prosperous future. Every single one of our managers has worked their way up through the positions they manage. We believe that by prioritizing quality, reliability, and the well-being of our team, we not only ensure our own success but also contribute to the long-term prosperity of all those we serve.

Team PRP, the nation’s top organization of independently owned & operated automotive recycling facilities, has recognized us many years in a row as “Best in Class” in inventory and production, identifying our quality as superior to even the best of the best yards in the country! We take great pride in these distinctions, which as based on hard-and-fast statistics like percentages and quantity of credits. Our inventory accuracy and quality commitment are unparalleled, and that is a direct result of our people. The owner didn’t do that. The entire team working together did that. The entire team working together did that. If that sounds like something you want to be part of, apply today to part of the team at Pete’s Auto Parts!

Our Culture

Integrity, positivity, and The golden rule.

We have three lofty cultural values. We like to think we embody them every day, that they are not just words on paper. 

Examples of integrity in action at Pete’s include accurately describing a damaged part without understating or overstating it, ensuring that every customer purchasing an engine is advised to retain their installation receipts for any potential warranty claims, and exercising patience and empathy in assisting customers who may be uncertain about their options. Being honest and keeping our promises is a big part of our integrity! 

We speak with a lot of people whose cars are broken down, they are not always having the best day. It’s easy to get swept up in negativity or to remember the very few problems instead of the many many easy orders. Despite the challenges inherent in our industry, we have the power to rise above and maintain a positive outlook. By espousing the benefits of used parts and highlighting the value they offer our customers, we contribute to a culture of optimism within our company and beyond. While there will be issues, life isn’t supposed to be all sunshine, our attitude and response to these challenges remain within our control. Through maintaining a positive demeanor and delivering exceptional customer service, we can transform adverse circumstances into opportunities for lasting customer loyalty. Positivity makes our days better, and over time makes our whole company better! 

Adhering to the Golden Rule is fundamental to our ethos. We strive to radiate our standards of fairness and kindness in all of our dealings. We work to extend the same consideration and respect to others that we would like to receive. This principle extends to all interactions with coworkers, customers, and vendors alike, as we work to treat others with the respect and dignity that we want to receive, even in challenging situations.

If you are looking for a career position in a company that values its team and is committed to excellence, Pete’s Auto Parts my be the perfect fit for you. 

Friendly Team

Employees who stay for years... or decades!

These days, it’s rare to see a resume with many years at the same company. But at Pete’s Auto Parts, many of our staff have been with us for years, or even decades — Brian joined our team in 1996! All of our managers have worked their way up through the positions they manage, Craig & Jessi joined the team in 2010 and Jimi in 2011. Amber started working at Pete’s in middle school but we don’t count that! She started full-time at Pete’s in 2006 as an office assistant, then office manager, then shipping manager, and finally general manager. From 2012-2015 she left worked at other automotive recycling facilities, then came back to buy Pete’s Auto Parts in 2016. Dan, Nate and Audrey have all left Pete’s for other jobs or locations but they all eventually came back to us. We have fun!

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Our Values

Living The Quality Difference

At Pete’s Auto Parts in Michigan, our commitment to quality is evident in our company culture, employee benefits, and in the way we do our jobs every day. Our company values are Integrity, Positivity, and the Golden Rule. Here are some reasons why we have team members and customers who have been with us for decades: