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Salvage Yard 101 and the Best Salvage Yard Near Me

If you are searching on google for a “salvage yard near me” or “junk yard near me” and you live in West Michigan, chances are you will find us here at Pete’s Auto Parts in Jenison, Michigan. But you might wonder what to expect. Salvage yards can be a bit

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Buying a Used Engine

In the realm of vehicle repairs, opting for a pre-owned engine can be a savvy move to get your wheels back on the road without breaking the bank. However, you do want to be sure you’re not trading one set of problems for another. When searching for used engines near

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Battery Breakdown

When your vehicle starts acting up, it’s easy to feel a sense of alarm. You start brainstorming all the possible reasons behind the malfunction. In the complex automotive world, it’s tempting to assume that any hiccup is indicative of a larger issue. However, sometimes the culprit behind your car’s odd

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